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For those clients that are wishing to diversify their portfolio into direct commercial property , we are able to provide you with investment opportunities to meet your requirements. We conduct all relevant market research and conduct a feasibility study on the relevant premises. With access to silent sales in the market, and a large network of real estate agents, we are more likely to have you invested in the right commercial property for your needs in quicker time.

Best Property Investing Finance & Real Estate We are able to manage the entire process from researching the opportunities, to presenting a due diligence report, through to structuring the purchase of the property . We are networked with numerous commercial valuers, financiers and quantity surveyors that assist in making a well-informed commercial investment .

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial property , please contact us to discuss what services we can provide for you.
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Commercial property investing is very different to investing in other forms of property such as residential property. There are higher risks such as tenant vacancy, however you are likley to achieve a higher net yield. Commercial property is also more likely to be effected by periods of slow economic times. This form of real estate investment is for those that are happy to ackowledge these risks and be prepared to have a property that may provide no return for many months during tough economic times. A commercial property may not be the best investment property for your situation.You should discuss your options with Marshe Group and your accountant or financial advisor.

If you have already found your desirable comercial property, Marshe Finance can provide you with the neccessary investment property finance . Finance is an important part of any investment and to ensure you achieve the best investment property outcome, you should talk to us to find out what we can do for you.

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