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Fees and charges

Setup Fees

Most lenders will charge a set up fee to establish the loan account. 

Ongoing fees

Many lenders may charge monthly or annual ongoing fees for most types of loans 

Deferred establishment fee

This is only charged to the borrower if they either repay the loan in full within the first few years of the loan, or if they break a loan agreement.

Rate Lock

A rate lock provides the borrower with the opportunity to lock in a fixed interest rate at the time of the application, at conditional approval or at unconditional approval stage. The rate is locked for a certain period of time. A fee is payable and can range from a few hundred dollars to more depending on the loan size.


If a borrower makes additional repayments to their home loan, they have the option to redraw these extra payments without having to tell the lenders the purpose of the funds. Some lenders have a minimum redraw amount and charge fees while others don’t

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