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14 October 2008

The government today has announced an increase in the first home owners grant from $7,000 to a huge $21,000 for those first home buyers that purchase brand new property. We understand that buying your fist home can be s stressful time, however we are here to assist you. With the governments new grant, buying your first home has become more affordable today.

It should be noted that a stimulus package like this is likely to result in an increase in property prices.

The Government has indicated that this increase in the first home owner grant will only be available until June 2009. Take advantage of this bonus today and purchase your first home with the assistance of a Marshe expert.

"The Government has also decided to double the first home buyers grant to $14,000 for those who buy an established home and to triple it to $21,000 for those who buy a newly built home.

Mr Rudd said the one-off bonus payments to pensioners and families would be made on December 8. The housing bonus would apply immediately and for the rest of the 2008-09 financial year. " SMH

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All our properties allow you to obtain the full $21,000 first home owners grant, as long as you meet all the other conditions set out by the Office of State Revenue. Contact us today on 02 9231 5758 to find out how we can assist you in making your first home purchase as easy as possible.

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