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Marshe International is dual focused ensuring that both Australian’s have opportunities to invest overseas while the international population has access to some of Australia’s great property investments.

Australian Investors Buying overseas

As the world becomes smaller through the increased use of advanced technology, Marshe International is able to offer our clients, who wish to diversify their property portfolios overseas, access to overseas investment properties.

Investing in overseas property can be complex as Governments around the world have vastly different requirements for property ownership, tax, investment and other property related issues.

   Let us take you global


Marshe International can provide our clients with necessary international laws and tax regulations to ensure a smooth investment that will provide them with the beneficial outcome they desire.

International Investors Buying in Australia

If you are an overseas investor looking to purchase an investment property in Australia, please look for the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) tick of approval against the properties we offer. For further detailed information about investment regulations please review the FIRB website: or send a request to to obtain a summary of the requirements and what Marshe International is able to offer you.

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