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Australian Investors buying Overseas

Marshe international sources its properties from respectable overseas property investments firms. We conduct due diligence on all information they provide us. We also understand that it is very difficult for most Australian investor to fly around the world to investigate property investment opportunities. We ensure that our overseas property partners are offering the standard of property that the Marshe Group expects.

International Investors buying in Australia

There are many opportunities for overseas investors to diversify their portfolio into the Australian market. Many of our residential and commercial properties for sale are FIRB approved. For international investors we offer the same services as we do to the local residents assuring you that you are getting the very best service. We also can arrange a time to have a phone conference with you and your financial planner or accountant to ensure that we tailor the investment to you specific needs.

Please review our properties available through Marshe Residential or Marshe Commercial and look for the FIRB tick of approval.

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