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Loan Features

Repayment Frequency

Most lenders will allow you to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments on a variable interest rate product

Additional Payments

You can make additional payments with most variable rate interest products, generally with no payment, however some lenders may place limits on the payment you can make. Generally you may not make additional payments on an interest only product without incurring a fee.

Offset Account

Allows you to have your salary paid directly into an account linked with your loan, thus reducing your interest payments.

Interest in Advance

Some lenders allow you to pay your interest in advance. This is mainly used by investors that wish to minimise their tax deductions in a particular year.

Interest Only

Mostly used by property investors, this type of mortgage allow you to only make interest repayments, while not reducing the mortgage. This assists the investor in managing their cash flows. Interest only loans normally are offered between 1 and 10 years.


The ability to transfer your mortgage to a new property purchase without discharging your loan. This could save time and money on establishing a new loan.

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