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We look at demographic shifts

The study of demographics is a key element to making a good Sydney property investment. You need to understand the following before making an investment in residential property:

- What type of people live in the area
- Are people moving into the area or moving out and what type people are shifting
- Home ownership? Do people own their home, in the process of paying off their mortgage or are they renting?
- Household income? Do Low, mid or high income earners dominate the suburb?
- Population forecasts
- Typical Household size and its direction (i.e. whether it is growing or shrinking)
- Structure of the households – is it singles, groups, childless couples, single parents or families and what is the shift
- Dominate Age group and the likely shift in the future

We look at the local council strategy for the next 5 + years

To determine if a selected property will be a good investment, you need to understand the direction of the suburb. We look at council strategies and budgets to make sure that the suburb will not deteriorate over time. If a council has a strategic vision for the next 10-20 years, we make sure that it is achievable and that they have the resources to attain it.

We look at recent sales

By comparing your investment property to recent sales within the selected location will allow you to make a superior judgement regarding whether you are paying the right price for your investment. It is important to make sure your comparables are similar.

We look at comparable developments

By looking at other developments in the area, we can gain an understanding about the quality and prices of new property developments in a selected location. If we don’t think that a development offers good value or doesn’t present well as an investment, we don’t offer it to our clients.

We look at surrounding infrastructure development

New infrastructure can be a significant growth factor in a particular suburb and also in surrounding suburbs. By determining what changes are being made by state governments, we can assess whether there is likely to be further high capital growth within a particular suburb.

We look at previous developments by project participants (Developer, Builder and Architect)

Although a new development may look good today, in many cases projects look tired and weary after only a few years. By ensuring that the people behind the project are well qualified and have exhibited superior quality developments in the past will help to ensure that in ten years time, your investment in a Marshe selected development will still be the talking point of the suburb.

What affects and influences real estate prices?

- Interstate Migration
- International Migration
- Construction costs
- Supply of housing
- Interest Rates
- World Economy
- Local Economy
- Government Spending on Infrastructure
- Private spending on Community needs
- Demographics
- Unemployment
- Population Growth
- Rental Returns
- Interest Rates

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