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Research is the key to any good Sydney investment whether it is shares, funds, property or any other investable asset. Marshe Group provides a full research property reports about the properties we qualify as investment opportunities so that you can see exactly why we qualify it as a great investment. Some things we look for when qualifying an investment property include:
   Let us report the facts


 - Must be New or near new  - Good capital growth prospects
 - Unique development with point of difference  - Low rental vacancies in the area
 - Good quality project team including developers, builders and
 - Close to amenities such as schools, shops and public transport
 - Maximise Depreciation  - Low body corporate fees
 - The property must appeal to renters and home buyers  - Close to a major city or in a major growth corridor
 - Population growth should be evident  

We have identified a number of locations around Sydney. The research continues to show that there is high population growth as well as more money being spent on infrastructure developments.

If you are considering investing in Sydney property, it is critical that you do your research prior. The bennefit of using Marshe Group is we do all the reserach for you and provide it to you in a Property Investment Research Report that lets you know all the information you need to make a well informed decision about the current investment opportunity we are marketing.

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