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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Marshe properties only for Investors?

Although Marshe selects and distributes investment grade properties, there is no reason why you couldn’t occupy it yourself. Knowing that you are purchasing an investment grade property will ultimately allow you to potentially sell it for a larger capital gain when and if you decide to move on. Plus... as an owner occupier of your main residence you are not liable to pay any capital gains tax, allowing you to keep all the capital growth profits!

What happens if none of the properties currently available fit my investment criteria?

While Marshe focuses on obtaining as many investment grade properties that meet the strict Marshe requirements, we understand that clients may wish for something a little different to work with their existing investment portfolio. Marshe will take the time to meet with you and determine your individual needs. Once we are aware of your requirements, we will set out to fulfil your individual needs.

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Why use Marshe as your investment agent?

Marshe prides itself on its customer service and ensures that as the client, you only need to be involved as much as you want to be. “Let us...” allows you to invest in property with minimal involvement ensuring it doesn’t become an emotional decision which generally leads to a bad investment. We continuously strive for perfection and performance with the development of a long standing prosperous relationships, which will see our client’s wealth grow and our ultimate goals of client satisfaction achieved.

Can I purchase a property using my Self Managed Super Fund?

Marshe Group has access to some properties which allow for the purchase of a property over 10 years within your self-managed superfund. To find out what properties are currently available utilising this platform of investing, please contact Marshe Group direct.

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