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Retirement is about being financially free and enjoying that lifestyle you have worked so hard for. Unfortunately many people retire on less than they expect to. They rely on the Government to assist them throughout retirement as many had the impression that their superannuation would get them through. As a result, this leaves people spending the best time of their lives living a lifestyle well below that which they have become accustom to without being able to leave their Estate any assets for future generations.

Wealth Creation The average age of retirement in Australia is currently 63. We are living longer and as a result, need to have enough wealth to fulfil that lifestyle we all plan to maintain for the next 20 years without there being a need to work.

A hard hitting statistic it that a huge 95% of the population will retire on less than $40,000 per year, leaving them with an unfulfilled period in their lives.
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Being part of the fortunate 5% of Australians who retire wealthy is a choice. Think about retiring earlier and having more than $40,000 per annum to fund that lifestyle. You might even be able to take family trips, relaxing holidays and wine and dine in a stress free lifestyle.

This is all possible by simply taking the first step to investing. By making the decision to invest, you are choosing to give your assets the opportunity to grow, appreciate and generate income for those important years ahead.

There are many assets that you can invest in to help generate your retirement income. These include shares, funds, bonds, commercial property, industrial property, established residential property and new residential property. People from all over the world and Australia have demonstrated that wealth creation exists from making strategic and intelligent investment choices within all the different asset classes.

Marshe Group believes that new residential property is one of the best asset to invest in. Many see it as a low risk asset class, bearing many tax benefits. Investing in residential property is a simple way for you to build portfolio and maximise your returns. Everyone needs a place to live, whether they are buying or renting.

Purchasing an investment property is assumed to be an extremely costly process but with the right people and knowledge, unnecessary costs are minimised. Those who currently own their own home may even have enough equity in their house to fund a deposit for more than 1 investment property.

If you would like to take the next step to financial freedom in your retirement years, or even just want to build your own wealth through property, please call us to arrange a free consultation so we can show you the possibilities.

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