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When looking for your next investment property in Sydney, there are many things to consider. Buying an investment property can be a stressful task if you are not familiar with the process or understand the research that is involved. Marshe Group helps its Sydney property clients by guiding them through the process helping them make the right decision about buying a Sydney Investment property. This includes looking at research, analysing the property market and understanding the cash flow models that could determine your capacity to invest.

Marshe Group focuses on new Sydney apartments, as the demand for apartments in Sydney has never been higher. Some of the reasons why Sydney apartments are good investments are:

- Household sizes are getting smaller
- Higher divorce rates
- More affordable
- Older generation
- People moving out of home earlier
- Convenience of living with maintaining gardens, pools etc
- New Sydney apartments achieve good rental yields
- Undersupply of Sydney apartments
- Higher rental demand for Sydney apartments

When we consider the research involved it makes sense for property investors to purchase a Sydney Investment property located from 2km to 30km from the city. Transport, shopping and amenities are all high on the list of making your next investment a great one!

The above is just a glimpse at what we look for when selecting investment properties for our clients. To find out more and see what Sydney new apartments we have available, visit our property listings.


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